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Spoken Course

Spoken CLASS/Japanese conversation program
Master daily conversation in Japanese
CLASS LEVEL Elementary Pre intermediate intermediate
Updated every 3 monthsLearning goals BASIC1Month 2 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Letter Hiragana Reading Writing 50 Sounds You can read hiragana and read katakana. Read simple kanji Hiragana write simple kanji characters
Roaring sound 
Katakana Reading Writing 50 Sound roaring sounds
Long sounds
Kanji 100Verb noun adjective Kanji verb reading
Vocabulary (words) Verb noun adjective 300Can use language 50 50 100 100
Grammar Text Book Understand grammar Minna no nihongoⅠ1−5 Minna no nihongoⅠ6−18 Minna no nihongo19−25 Honorifics, business conversation
Minna no nihongo Greeting 5 W 1H Use of verbs Communicating with friends
Conversation Japanese manners, conversation with Japan, Japanese culture Natural conversations with Japanese people.

Classroom wordsAsk questions

Easy communication with Japanese. Use verbs and tell what you want to say Conversation with work manners
Composition Writing, typing You can write in sentences including emotional expressions. Self-introduction Diary Routine work SNS communication and typing. Simple business email in Japanese
* Each course can be selected by level test
Schedule #01
Days Hours Time Breaks
2 days a week 2.30 14:30-16:30 10 Mins per hour

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පාඨමාලාව/ කාලය ඇතුල්වීමේ ගාස්තුව
ජනවාරි සිට ජූනි දක්වා.
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