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KIDS CLASS/Fun Japanese
Experience Japanese language and culture, and learn Japanese through play.
Play Learn Speak
No period Participation anytime from 1 month Have fun Japanese words Japanese greeting
Content of study
Moji Hiragana Kanji Experience Japanese experience through activities while drawing Japanese uta, karuta, drawing and playing games. Learn Japanese words by looking at the pictures. Japanese greetings Let's say hello. Let's talk with Japanese people.
Words Names of things Numbers, Colors, Shapes ,Vegetables, Fruits , Animals, Body parts Emotional expressions                                 Family tree " Whats that ?" Greetings
Play Japanese culture art art play calligraphy Experience Japanese and Japanese through activities such as Japanese events, art inspired by the four seasons of Japan, origami games, and calligraphy. Learn emotional expressions while watching picture cards, Japanese picture books, and manga. While moving your body, let's meet Japanese-style greetings, manners Japanese teachers and Japanese.
* Participation is possible every month.
* Age 5 Years - 12 Years
Schedule #01
Days Hours Time
2 days a week 1.00 14.00 - 15.00